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Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome to we go there RPG. I'll be using this account and this community for update posts on who to add, news, applications, and even Grapevines. Please apply to the community by posting a comment below and happy RPing.

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Name: Christa
Age: 17
RP Experience: since 2004.
AIM SN for Character: lexxilexx1
Name: Jen
Age: Old.
RP Experience: Since 2004
AIM SN for Character: Worldly Ash
Accepted. Please join the community.
Name: David
Age: 8.
RP Experience: Hmm you know. Awhile.
AIM SN for Character: jayiscoolerthanu
Approved. Join the community.
Name: Jacinta
Age: 20
RP Experience: I've been RPing for Degrassi for a good while, though I haven't done one in a while because I haven't seen any active communities. I have the most experience playing Sean, though I've also played Jay and JT.
AIM SN for Character: BdByCameron
Approved. Please join the community.
Name: Katy
Age: dare I admit it...? 24.
RP Experience: about 2 years
AIM SN for Character: pinchy boots
Approved. Please join the community.
Name : Natalia
Age : 20 :/
RP Experience : About four years for me.
AIM SN for Character : manuella is here
Approved. Please join the community.
Name: Lyn
Age: 20
RP Experience: Since 04. Been out of it for awhile, but I'd really like to start up again.
AIM SN for Character: ellienashwrites
Approved, please join the community.

Deleted comment

Approved. Please join the community.
Name; Alyssa
Age; 17
RP Experience; 2005
AIM SN for character; emmasavestheworld


10 years ago


10 years ago

Name: Jennifer
Age: 23... ugh
RP Experience: lots
AIM SN for Character: drummersRsexy2
Accepted! Join the community and all that.
Name: Tessa
Age: 18 in a few weeks
RP Experience: Back to 2004.
AIM SN for Character: photographcraig

--I completely changed the character from what the last player had, so if that isn't cool I can write a new entry.
Accepted! Please join the community.


10 years ago

Name: Kamilah
Age: 20....good to see im not the only 20 something still doing this
RP Experience: since i got a computer when i was 14 lol
AIM SN for Character: GreenPeaceNelson
Accepted. Join the community and all that.
Name: Marie
Age: 18
RP Experience: 04
AIM SN for Character: delrossifresh
Name: nicole
Age: eighteen
RP Experience: since 2004, but not a whole lot lately. here are some of my old journals!: manningtheman; emmalovesljlots; hohohogart
AIM SN for Character: astdyl


10 years ago


10 years ago

Name: amanda
Age: sixteen, i'm a baby.
RP Experience: since 2003-2004, that time.
AIM SN for Character: supernova brooke
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